Thursday, 21 April 2011

Thanks to Aha - follow up

I'm afraid I came across as a bit sniffy concerning Aha in yesterdays post , so in balance.....

I'd never really liked the pop Aha much I think I'd just got so annoyed with the annoyingly catchy Take on Me that felt like it was just played constantly until worn down people bought in enough quantities to get it a hit. What followed didn't really improve matters although I had a soft spot for the over the top ridiculousness that was The Sun Always Shines on Tv.

It came as a bit of a shock then that in 2000 I bought myself an Aha lp, and I'm still not sure why it happened. I love the lp's cover (although I can't believe I bought it based on that alone) and it reflects the music on the lp. It still had echoes of catchy pop music but everything just felt more subtle from the lead vocals to the instrumentation. It was as if the songs were given time to grow rather than try and hook you in on the first play. It does verge on dinner party music at times but there is enough interesting things going on to stop it blanding out. They released 2 more lps in this vein (Anologue and Lifelines) before bowing out with Foot of the Moutnain that was closer to their mid 80s sound which I didn't bother with for that very reason.

Barely Hanging on - Aha

Little Black Heart - Aha

If you want to take a bit of a risk then you can buy Minor Earth Major Sky here


  1. Sounds like you're too concerned with being cool to listen to a brilliant pop group. I know it's your blog, but does anyone really care about your opinion ?

  2. A-ha was certainly an easy band to take to task after the Take On Me. And yes Sun Alway Shines On TV is a really wonderfully OTT pompous pop!
    I just didn't feel the need to follow them as they became such a teen pop act. But with the release of their "farewell greatest hits" there new song Butterfly Butterfly is really relevant and current sounding.
    Maybe I should mine the back catalogue.

  3. Hi Anon
    you are absolutely right nobody does care but I don't really think that is the point of writing a blog. I apologise if i came across as trying to be too "cool". I did buy the greatest hits and liked a lot of the stuff - just not Take on Me

    Hi Echo
    I too got the greatest hits and I've finally got round to ordering Foot of the Mountain

  4. Maybe I was a little harsh. Everyone is a critic these days. I always think it's amusing to hear someone critique a band that has sold millions of recordings. So 'Take on Me' was "Over-played", it's your fault for being a lemming listening to the radio. There are many ways to listen to music and not be spoon-fed by radio.

  5. Gee, I didn't see anything said by FORW as being the least bit harsh or worthy of negativity. I think since music is a form of art and art generates emotions which are channeled through opinion or criticism, it's unfair to call someone out for the very thing that the music engenders in them. I read these types of negative comments on YouTube all the time. It's like fans of bands feel like they need to be "fan police" - I love when opinions diverge, the more opinions the merrier, but you get no kudos, or respect, for just bashing what people think.

  6. Aren't we all music critics? As soon as we listen to a piece of music and decide weather we like it or not.
    I ,for one value FoRW's opinion on music as we share very similar tastes.
    Also, just because a band has great commercial success,it doesn't mean they're good.
    I think the video for 'Take on me' was excellent and was a big part of their initial success.
    Back in the mid eighties, dear anon,what were the 'many ways' to listen to music apart from TV and radio?
    Tel Aviv

  7. Thanks Echo and Phil

    appreciate the comments and thanks anon for coming back on my reply

  8. Blimey sir, you've stirred up a hornets nest...
    Nice that the AHAers take their music seriously though, why not get protective about something that you love?
    I know what you mean about the earlier stuff; it was a bit 'thin' and largely responsible for Keane, who, in my opinion, were dire.
    Interesting that a lot of 80's artists have matured nicely.
    Nik Kershaw did an album in 2002 'To Be Frank' which is fantastic; big hearted, melodic, intelligent & funny.
    Check it out, you can probably buy it for 0.01p on Amazon...
    I recently paid a similar sum for Morten Harket's solo CD 'Letter from Egypt' which has got some really nice songs on also, although the U2 fixation is a little obvious...
    Nice to chat.
    Please stop shouting Anon...


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