Monday, 23 May 2011

500th post - Best Supergroup ever!

Scarily this I my 500th post which was the target I set myself when I started (although I had a serious suspicion I wouldn't last beyond 10!) I always liked Lawrence of Felt's approach 10 lps 10 singles in 10 years and then split up. I really had intended to call it a day at 500. However, I'm still enjoying it especially when I get comments so I'm going to crack on and see if I can get to a 1000.

Post number 1 was a track by Paul Quinn and the Independent Groups and so it seems fitting that post 500 returns to this best of supergroups .

This time it is form the first lp , the wonderfully titled Phantoms and Archetypes. The lps features ex orange juicers , ex commotions , ex bluebells and ex aztec cameras all produced by Edwyn Collins and backing one of the best voices going.

The Damage is Done - Paul Quinn and the Independent Group


  1. Love Paul Quinn , I have a 12'' somewhere and its got a great cover , I'll have to find it .

    Congrats on all your blogging too .

  2. Congrats!
    I am so much more of a reader/commenter than a blogger...haven't been back to mine in over 4 months...
    Your's in one of 4 that are indispensable to my enjoyment of the internet. The Villian, Post Punk Monk and he of Castles in Space are the other three.
    It's so cool to have a similar musical affinity to others around the world.

  3. Congrats!
    ...and what a way to celebrate!With the greatest voice on the planet.
    Heres to the next 500!


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