Saturday, 28 May 2011

Former Lead Singer - Citadels / Cormac O Caoinih

A while back I did a post here about the Irish band The Citadels, thinking I could hear echoes of Prefab Sprout's first lp Swoon. Lead singer Cormac O Caoinih took the time to drop me a line to thank me for the mention and tell me that others had mentioned Prefab Sprout although at the time the band were more into a mixture of the Gobetweens and Jazz and Blues (which I guess is where some of the quirky arrangements come from and leads to the Swoon comparison). He also generously offered to send me a copy of his solo lp which arrived last week.

The lp has a slightly more earthier, rougher feel than the Citadels lp which gives it a more intense sound that fits both the songs and Cormac's voice perfectly with Aoife Regans backing vocals providing a great contrast. There is a stronger electric guitar presence but also songs of quiet reflection What the lp does have in common with the Citadels lp is a great sense of melody and the way Cormac is happy to take a risk and move away from the verse chorus verse chorus middle eight chorus template.

I've posted the lps title track to give you a taster

If you liked the Citadels tracks posted earlier or this one then you can buy the lp direct from his website here. (as well as a copy of the Citadels lp i featured in the previous post) There is also a new lp on the way which I'll definitely be buying when it comes out


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