Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Guitar Angst part 3 - Unbelievable truth

The final part of this mini series and I guess the Unbelievable Truth are more likely to tread a Bends like path than most as the lead singer is Thom Yorke's brother.

Again they can suffer from an attack of mid tempoitis that can have the songs sounding too alike. This debut lp is greater than the sum of its individual song parts.

The three piece were formed in Oxford in the early 90s. The debut lp was released on Virgin and the singles flirted with the lower reaches of the charts. Despite this they were dropped by Virgin and the 2nd lp was released on an independent label and the band split in 2000. Since then Yorke has released a solo lp (helped out by his former bandmates who are also still recording in various other projects

You can find a much more detailed history of the band in their own words here

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