Friday, 6 May 2011

Life of Live forthcoming attractions - The Bible

Joy of Joys one of my favourite bands are reforming for a couple of one off (or strictly speaking two off) gigs in the Autumn

The Bible are celebrating some kind of anniversary but if I'm honest the occasion is irrelevant ,the fact they are going to play live is simply enough. I saw them a few years ago the last time they played together as a one off reunion and it was a thrill from start to finish

They are playing

Clapham Grand on the 30th sept and Glasgow ABC on the 29th September. I've got my ticked for Clapham already and if you too like jangly guitars and pretentious lyrics or want to know what Boo Hewerdine did before he became a singer songwriter then you can get tickets here


  1. I first time I saw the Bible they were supported by Deacon Blue.
    That was a good night.
    Almost as good as Nils Lofgren supported by Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers (late 70's or early 80's)
    Nils played like an angel, whilst backflipping on a flipping trampoline.
    You don't get that at a circus!
    There's a new thread: 'Unlikely Supports'.
    An early incarnation if Miracle Mile were supported (at Manchester Uni ) by a band called The Frantic Elevators. Stroppy little ginger headed singer who went on to form Simply Red...

  2. Hi Trev

    first time I saw them was in a pub and boo hewerdine was sat next to us beofre the gig. didn't recognise him until he said excuse me jumped on stage and started paying

    does this mean you are somehow to blame for stars?

    I would have liked to have been in the meeting where Nils pitched the trampoline idea to the record company!

    for me wierdest support is when i went to see jangly hurrah aho were supporting gothu grebos pop will eat itself !

  3. "Jangly hurrah aho & Gothu grebos?
    Best anagram wins a prize...

  4. where is that spell check when you need it

  5. No sarcasm intended; you had me (unsuccessfully) googling those two bands...


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