Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Life of Live - Kirsty MacColl


The next person I saw live in Glasgow was Kirsty MacColl. I'd recently bought Electric Landlady but although thought it was good it was the previous lp Kite that I kept going back to as just a perfect pop record. I didn't realise at the time that she suffered from crippling stage fright and hadn't toured in years.

You couldn't tell. Apart from a couple of false starts the songs were full of energy her vocals really strong and she seemed at ease joking with the crowd.

Kirsty MacColl was one of the those songwriters who never really got the credit they deserved, known more for her backing vocals than a body of work that includes songs the equal of any of her peers on whose tracks she guested.

The track I've posted was the lead off single from Electric Landlady, title coined by Johnny Marr who at the time was her house guest. Johnny Marr co - wrote the track and plays some great guitar.

Walking Down Madison - Kirsty MacColl

You can buy Electric Landlady here

The photo featured above is of the bench in Soho Square where a dedicated fanbase meet on the anniversary of her tragic death. A fantastic songwriter and the champion of killer harmonies


  1. Kirsty was always a fave of mine. She lent a special sound and sometimes humor to so many other artists work while putting out consistently great work of her own.
    A artist's and mother's life cut much too short.

  2. I found it amusing when I heard "Walking Down Madison" on the radio years later and realised that the radio edit replaced "checking out the bums" with "checking out the nuns". Obviously, I'm easily amused...

  3. well said Echo

    Alex - that is the funniest thing I've heard this week so looks like I'm just as easily amused - I think they should have adapted the video accordingly


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