Thursday, 26 May 2011

Life of Live - Red Box

Life of Live is meant to be a chronological view of the concerts I've been to but for this post I thought I'd jump to present day. Having been quiet for 20 odd years the last year has seen Red Box re-issue two  lps , record and release a new lp and now a concert.

The whole evening was very civilised from the 8:00 start and 9:45 finish to the fact that the venue had polite bar staff, scattered seating and a carpet that didn't smell of stale beer.

Most of the songs played came form the new lp Plenty which was fine as it is such a good lp (Simon Toulson Clark the lead singer and songwriter pointed out they were too old to do fast songs anyway) The few that came from the first 2 lps were stripped of their studio trickery which meant they sounded brand new and timeless at the same time. The crowd seemed to be made up of die hard fans and the band seemed genuinely taken aback that people had made the effort on a tuesday night.

Luckily the wonders of youtube means that a few tracks are available but first a reminder of what they were like in all their youthful 80s glory

The version of Lean on Me they played was slowed right down which gave the song a chance to breathe. One thing though was that when they came on my wife did comment that the lead singer looked like Graham Norton - (which did plant a thought that took a couple of songs to shift!)

Finally I'll leave you with a track from Plenty which has the fuller band sound and strangely is number one in Poland (or maybe the strange thing is that it has not been picked up and played to death on radio 2 here.) At the end of the gig Simon did mention doing it all again but on a Saturday night and if they do keep a look out because you get the feeling they are really enjoying this second wind which makes for a great gig. 

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