Friday, 20 May 2011

Live of Live - Martin Stephenson

I'd seen Martin Stephenson tour without his Daintees before but this was the first time with a solo lp to promote. Yogi in my House didnt make a radical departure from the last Daintees lp and live the new songs fitted right in with a mixture of the Dainties back catalogue. One of the the things that makes a Daintees concert so memorable is the stories Martin tells between songs and the banter he has with his band and the crowd. He also surrounds himself with talented musicians which inspires some great alternative extended versions of songs and the feeling that you can never be certain where a song will go next.

This time as a bit of a surprise Martin shared a stage with Paul Handyside from hurrah, so there were lots of stories about tithe early days of Kitchenware as well as some gentle piss taking about some of Hurrahs more rockist tendencies.

The bit I really remember is a version of Yogi's stand out track and realising that it must have been Paul Handyside providing the songs Italian spoken sections

Solomon - Martin Stephenson

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