Tuesday, 10 May 2011

LP of the Year - Admiral Fallow

Into May and although I've bought quite a few lps that I like nothing had really stood out. , until Boots Met My Face by Admiral Fallow came through the post box and is an early contender for lp of the year (although I think the copy I have is a re release with the lp originally released last year with a different cover)

Admiral Fallow are a Scottish 5 piece built around the singer and main songwriter Louis Abbott. It is a stunning set of crafted songs that are difficult to describe. There is a folky element that bring to mind a Mumford and Sons but with the banjo replaced with a clarinet, there are echoes of Elbow and some great sing along pop songs with girl/boy vocals , an earthier Deacon Blue. Okay I mentioned 3 bands and Admiral Fallow sound like none of them and I'm sure have very different reference points., but it is strange brew of the 3 that sprung to mind (with maybe with a twist of first lp Guillemots in there as well)

The lyrics are personal and full of quotable lines that bring a smile of recognition and more painful emotions hit right on the head.

"All of the songs document the first chapter of my life, be it memories from school or kicking a ball about with my childhood chums. All of the songs are taken from real life events. There's no fiction. I'm not into making up stories or characters for the sake of trying to stir emotions. They are songs about friends and family as well as a fair bit of self-evaluation.”

If this makes Abbott seem a little serious don't worry I mean there is a great song called Subbuteo on the lp

I've posted the opening track which is a more mid paced song than the catchy singles (3 of which have been released) and the slower closing tracks and it is the one that made me think of Elbow.

You can hear the lp here at the band's website as well as downloading another sample track. However you could skip this ans simply buy the lp here , I really don't think you'll be disappointed

Dead Against Smoking - Admiral Fallow


  1. Just been listening to this on amazon; it sounds lovely and will put me further in debt.
    The brogue makes me think of King Creosote who's new album is fine too.

  2. it is definately worth a bit of financial angst!

    I keep meanin gto give the King Creosote new one a listen - I've got one lp Bombshell which I really like

  3. The new KC album 'Diamond Mine' is in league with 'ambient pioneer' Jon Hopkins (who has worked with Eno & Coldplay).
    It's quite lovely, although I know some who are distracted by the accent.
    I've got the Admiral Fallow on rotation in my car and the M40 is a far happier place for it. Thanks for guiding me to it...


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