Monday, 9 May 2011

Not Another Singer Songwriter - Adam Masterson

Before Sashagate I used to listen to Jonathon Ross's radio show on a sat am , mainly because it used to make me laugh ( this despite the fact that he used to annoy the hell out of me on tv) but also because he used to have a pretty varied set of musical guests. It felt like he just got people in him or his producer liked the sound of.

One week they featured Adam Masterson who unlike last week's David Kitt takes a more traditional songwriting approach . He played a couple of songs live one of which is the track I've posted. There then followed a bit of inane speculation as to whether it was about Fergie by Ross, but even he realised the song was too good for that , dropped it pretty quickly and went back to saying how good he thought the lp from which it came was.

Lot's of critics agreed and One Tale Too Many came out to great reviews in 2003. It didn't sell and since then another lp was recorded but left un released. Adam Masterson seems to keep playing live pretty regularly either here or in the states but his website doesn't give any clues about this one seeing the light of day or future recordings

The songs on the debut lp have a folky edge with a bit of a Van Morrison, blessed with a voice that can switch easily between the subtle and the passionate and ,as you can tell by the title, each song feels a bit like a short story

Sarah Queen of England - Adam Masterson

you can find Adam Masterson website here where he writes a regularish blog.

You can buy One Tale Too Many very cheaply here


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