Monday, 16 May 2011

Not Another Singer Songwriter - Andy Pawlak

I'm never really clear when is someone a singer songwriter and when are they a solo artist.

This week's post is a bit different in that it comes from a time pre the singer songwriter renaissance (if such a ridiculous concept holds any water). Andy Pawlak released one lp (Shoebox Full of Secrets) and a handful of singles with a polished sound that is closer Danny Wilson than David Gray.

This was an lp that I bought in the sale bin almost purely on the basis of the cover (it reminded me of Everything But the Girl's Love Not Money and Deacon Blue's Raintown). It is full of gorgeous melodies, clever lyrics and memorable songs. I always felt that if he had taken the Roddy Frame route and given himself a band name then I think he would have got a lot more exposure. I struggle to understand how he had such a low profile. The songs on the lp are certainty chart friendly whilst subtle enough to remind me of the smoother Prefab Sprout tracks as well as bands like Love and Money and the Blow Monkeys.

Listening to the lp again now the production has dated a bit but the songs still really stand out

I've posted two tracks, both made for radio but ignored by playlist compilers

He did record a second lp which was never released as it got lost in record company take overs.

It is around on the Internet but under the name Monkey with the title Low Beat Folk (or the other way round I'm never quite sure) the sound is a lot rougher and more organic than Shoebox. The wonders of blog world meant that I stumbled on a post that featured this lp (The wonderful This is Indie where as well as the Low Beat Folk lp there are also a load of Andy Pawlak b sides)

I've posted one track which gives you an idea of the comparison.

He is one of those artists that you just feel that another time and place he would have had the success he deserved


  1. Hi mate.
    I run THIS IS INDIE and I have a little secret to tell you:
    On 25th may I will post some unreleased demo stuff from ANDY PAWLAK for a limited time only!!!!


  2. Thanks for the tip off Monomod and for writing one of my favourite blogs!

  3. I can only find this for £56 on Amazon....

  4. Blimey its good but £56!!!! - hopefully someone like Cherry Red will do a re release - if you want a copy doing drop me a line

  5. I have this on cassette somewhere , was one of the songs called ' 'swimming with mermaids ?'


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