Monday, 2 May 2011

Not Another Singer Songwriter part 3 - David Kitt

When David Gray's White Ladder sold loads , two types of singer songwriters seemed to follow in its wake. The first were the more traditional acoustic guitar and angst lyrics type and then there was the second type like David Kitt. They took the template of Babylon and took it further by making the most of electronic beats and ambient samples (still with angst lyrics though.)

Dubliner David Kitt has released six lps plus a compilation of tracks that didn't make the final cut of the lps. His second lp The Big Romance sold loads in Ireland and saw him asked by David Bowie to perform at his curated Meltdown.

It is one of those lps that you have to be in the right mood for. Sometimes I listen to it and think not as good as I remembered, weak voice , meandering songs and wishy washy instrumentation. Other times I think why don't I play this more often, dreamy pop , heartfelt lyrics and songs given time to breathe.

Best listened to on a warm day while reading a good book

You can buy his lps direct from his website here


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