Monday, 23 May 2011

Not Another Singer Songwriter part 5 - Paddy Casey

When Paddy Casey's debut lp Amen was released , the big voice , passionate lyrics and slightly shaggy hair had him compared to Mike Scott of the Waterboys (okay I made the hair bit up)

Discovered busking or playing at an open mic spot (depending on whch version you read) he was signed to Sony, which has seen him benefit from his music being featured on the usual US drama programmes, support the likes of REM and U2 as well as getting a slot on the David Letterman's late show.

He has released 3 lps Amen , Living and Addicted to Company. Despite this last one having part one in brackets after the title , there hasn't been a follow up in the last 4 years. In fact for someone who has sold a shed load of records in Ireland and tours pretty much non stop details are pretty scarce. His website is just a Sony music logo and there is a fans site although this is limited in content and doesn't even mention the 3rd lp.

Anyway I've posted 2 tracks the first is from Amen and the second is a live version of a song from Living that has that shiver down your spine quality

You can buy his lps here and if you are going to explore further I'd start with Living. Alternatively you can go to his myspace pager here for more tracks to sample


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