Monday, 30 May 2011

Not another Singer Songwriter part 6 - Stephen Fretwell

Having grown up in the fens I always got a soft spot for any musician that comes out of lincolnshire (there aren't that many of them ) although Stephen Fretwell's vocals, having moved to Salford, have more of an Elbow, Cherry Ghost feel about them.

His debut lp Magpie got great reviews everywhere although he is probably best known for the fact that one of his songs in the title song to Gavin and Stacey. Magpie sold pretty well and got him the usual backing soundtracks on various US drama programmes It is a one of those subtle lps which worms its way into your mind. The songs are deceptively simple and Fretwell's understated vocals mean that the melodies take centre stage.

A second lp recorded in New York was released in 2007 (Man on the Roof) but didn't seem to get the profile of his debut. He also took time out to play bass touring with the Last Shadow Puppets. His website's latets news dates from 2009 so not sure what is currently happening.

The website which can be found here has some sample tracks and I've posted below a track from Magpie

 Lost Without You - Stephen Fretwell

You can buy Magpie here and if yo ulike Cherry Ghost or Elbow's quieter less anthemic moments then it is worth a go

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