Thursday, 5 May 2011

One That Almost Got Away part 2 - The Mirrors

I bought a couple of lps recently that were released last year which is by far the only thing that they have in common, that and the fact that in their own way they are both derivative of an earlier time (in the best possible way)

For Brighton's The Mirrors it is 1982 and the use of waves of synths to add ambience. Think of a cross between Depeche Mode's Leave in Silence and New Order's Your Silent Face with a dash of Kraftwerk thrown into the mix and that pretty much sums up this debut lp. Not that there is anything wrong with this and if you are going to be inspired by a couple of songs you could do a lot worse.

The lp somehow manages to sound fresh and dated at the same time. The lyrics are suitably pretentious to the extent that they either have their tongue a little bit in their cheek or they take themselves very seriously indeed.

The songs are good although a bit like Northern Picture Library (who chose the Smiths as their template) there isn't enough light and shade so that a number begin to merge into one.

I've posted the lead off and best track from the lp which is the one that really reminded me of a Peter Hookless New Order

If you want something to keep you going until the new Human League lp then you can buy Lights and Offerings here


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