Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Former Lead Singer - Tom Robinson

Bit of a cheat this one as the band that Tom Robinson was the former lead singer of was the Tom Robinson Band.

However as a bonafide solo artist Tom Robinson produced 2 of the greatest 80s singles. The one that everyone knows is War Baby , but the follow up Atmospherics was just as good

During the 90s he continued to make quality lps and saw the decade in with the best thing he has written , the single Blood Brother whihc unbfortunately I only have on a very scratched and warped lp. The politics remained but a number of songs would have a more personal nostalgic theme

He is now a resident sony award winning dj on BBC 6

I've posted 3 tracks the first 2 are the singles from the mid 80s lp and the third is a 90s track that takes a look back at the days of punk

Now Johnny's wearing Mambo suits with fitting orange hair
And Josephs in his combat coat , a denim millionaire
And me , I'm glad to be a dad and living with a girl

Atmospherics - Tom Robinson

War Baby - Tom Robinson
Days - Tom Robinson

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