Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Life of Live - The Beautiful South

Paul Heaton and David Rotheray don't really seem to get half the credit they deserve. As the Beautiful South they have written some of the classiest pop songs going full of timeless melodies and the lyrics of character's lives that would be just at home inhabiting a literary novel as a 3 min pop song.

I saw them play in Bradford promoting the 0898 lp. It was in a hall that felt more like an over sized community centre rather than a concert venue. A feeling reinforced by the fact that you got your hand stamped when you went in ( a bit like the school disco)

The concert was okay although if I'm being honest the band lacked a bit of personality and i came away thinking that the mini kitchen sink dramas didn't translate as well live as the mini politics of Heaton's previous band (although the cavanous sound couldn't have helped)

One song that went down a storm was a track from the new lp 36D, the lyrics of which had a go at glamour models partly led to Briana Corrigan leaving the band. David Hemmingway later admitted "We all agree that we should have targeted the media as sexist instead of blaming the girls for taking off their tops"

I kind of hope that everyone who bellowed along with the chorus got the ironic intent Close your legs, open your mind Leave those compliments well behind Dig a little deeper into yourself And you may find Come over here just sit right down Needn't comb your hair, needn't pout or frown I hear you've turned our young men Into dribbling clowns 36D so what (D) so what Is that all that you've got?

36D - The Beautiful South

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