Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Life of Live - Everything But The Girl

I managed to see Everything but the Girl play live just before they discovered dance music and the beats took over. Despite getting thoroughly sick and tired onf the remix Missing, I still think Amplified Heart is their best lp.

I remember being surpirsed at how strong Tracy Thorn's voice was. I don't know why I thought it wouldnt be , although at times the bands various producers havent done her much of a favour (especially at times on the second and third lps)

They kept it very simple , just Tracy and Ben (starting to turn into one of those couples that looked dsiturbingly like each other... matching gagools on a sunday walk?) a double bass and small drum kit often played with brushes. Despite the risk of getting lost , thhey held Everyone in the Shepherd Bush Empire spell bound. Maybe I'm remembering what i want rather than waht happened but there wasnt the ususal buzz of annoyng gig chatter just a captivated audience.

The simple backing meant that every note shone through. They were alos both very funny none of the over seriousness of their press shots.

I've posted one of their best songs with one of the saddest lyrics going

Two Star - Everything But the Girl

This gives you an idea of what they were like with the lead off track from the lp - although the rock and roll julian cope trousers doesnt ring a bell


  1. I was in London for that show!!! - have seen every tour they have made in the US and two in London, the other London show was at the Royalty Theatre a few yrs earlier. You are correct. There was a very respectful quiet during EBTG shows...once a song ended - and at times when they started a song - the crowd would react with enthusiastic praise.
    Great choice, Two Star and Fascination from Eden are my two favorite songs from EBTG.

  2. got me rushing off to listen to eden again - not played it in a while


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