Friday, 17 June 2011

A Life of Live - Pele

There are a few bands that for a short period of time I would become obsessed about seeing live , much more so than buying their records.

I moved to Glasgow with the aim of seeing loads of new Scottish bands and yet the band I saw most of for the next couple of years were a bunch of scousers who the music press seemed to take a delight in slagging off.

They were a full on energetic live band from start to finish. It helped that their debut Fireworks was chock full of singalong tunes.

I've posted a track that would lead to frantic dancing and a sore throat.

Inspirational stuff or poor man's Dexys decide!


  1. The Bounty Hunter20 June 2011 at 16:06

    Remember seeing these live in Bradford in a basement bar, the stage was about 6 inches high and there was no barrier. Bit like seeing your mates' band at school in the school hall. Good gig though. Sweaty. Pele were much better live than on record. (Just discovered Cashier No.9 - what do you reckon to them?)

  2. I need to check out cahier No.9

    I to was a tht ebradford gig and am comin gup to it in Life of Live - per chance did you have a large pizza hut pizza before you went?


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