Monday, 6 June 2011

Not Another Singer Songwriter - David Ford

There is deinitely a theme within a theme appearing here. Well recieved debut leads to a lot of press, some high profile support slots and tracks used as backing for American ongiong TV series. Second lp dissappoints record label and 3rd lp returns to low key release.

David Ford fits the template although adds in the previous life as lead singer in a band, in this case Easyworld. The debut lp (the bit of a mouthful I Sincerely Apologies for All That I've Done) is full of tunes that tackled big emotional themes with a voice to match. You certainly get the feeling there is some soul baring going on and not much is being held back It also contains one of my favourite sad songs and I think the best thing he has done

What Would You Have Me Do - David Ford

A couple more lps have followed, Songs for the Road and Let the Good Times Roll. He has also released a number of self financed eps which you can get from his website here

If you liked the track posted but want to hear his more fuller sound then his myspace page here has a number of more recent tracks

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