Thursday, 2 June 2011

Phil's cd part 1 - Hollow horse

As mentioned previously Phil who often leaves comments on the blog recently sent me a couple of compilation cds. Unfortunately as they were so good I've ended up spending a shed load of money on various cds. So begins a mini theme of stuff featured on these cds and first up is Scottish 3 piece Hollow Horse.

They have released 3 lps, all produced by ex Big Disher Brian McNiel, of ,as Alan McGee describes, "righteous music for music lovers".

Righteous or not, all 3 lps are high on melody and heart felt vocals. I've posted the lead off track from the debut lp 5 Year Diary which is pretty representative of all 3 lps. There isnt any radical departures rather a gradual evolving of the sound with the focus on the songwriting and a feeling of if it ain't broke why fix it.

You can buy all 3 lps direct from the bands website here. At a push I'd recommend the middle one Beggarstown which is just my favourite but you can't really go wrong with any of them.


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