Friday, 3 June 2011

Phil's cd part 2 - Dylan Mondegreen

The clean cut fellow featured above is Børge Sildnes from Norway who records under the name of Dylan Mondegreen. To date he has recorded 2 lps of gorgeous pop songs kind of a more mellow, dreamy Wannadies possessed by the spirit of Paddy McAloon Both lps are sung in English and there isn't a duff track on either of them. They remind me of the best pop , simple but clever at the same time The debut lp While I Walk You Home was released in 2007 and I've posted the lead off track Wishing Well which skips along like a summer breeze

 Wishing Well - Dylan Mondegreen

The second lp came out in 2009 and you definitely get the feeling that Dylan really wants to be in Prefab Sprout. No more so than in Albuquerque that is chock full of references to Paddy McAloon songs and has the best sprout like dreamy harmonies

Neither lp was released in the uk which is a real shame as with a bit of exposure both lps would be a big hit with anyone hoping in vain for a new Prefab Sprout lp or longing for the days when bands like Danny Wilson could have hits.

You can buy both lps from his website here . It does take a bit of working out. You are taken to Norway's paypal site and I struggled at first to find a uk reference. I had to highlight the US to get a translation and then change this to UK ( down purely to my ignorance of how United Kingdom is spelt in Norwegian.)

Don't be put off though , persevere, there are 2 pop gems of lps. Mine came thoughtfully signed which was nice

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