Saturday, 4 June 2011

Phils cd part 3 - Matt Pond Pa

We've had Scandinavian pop and now it is time to move across the Atlantic for a bit of chamber pop music from Matt Pond and his band. I'd never heard of the band or the singer until Phil's cd and so I'm afraid I've had to lift from wikipedia Matt Pond PA is a New York based band formed in Philadelphia by singer-songwriter Matt Pond. They have released eight albums and seven EPs since 1998. Pond has been the only consistent member, although Chris Hansen is now considered to be a core member of the group. In the studio, they often collaborate with other musicians including former members to achieve their diverse instrumentation and expansive sound. In recent years, Pond and Hansen have produced the recordings from a cabin in Bearsville, NY. 8 lps! I only have the latest one Dark Leaves which has appropriately a dark autumnal sound with cello and viola as prominent as guitar and drums. The lyrics tend to have a nature them (as I guess they would if they'd been written in an isolated cabin!. I've posted the opening track to show how all of this can fit together into a great pop song

You can buy Dark Leaves here

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