Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Places To Visit - Quietus

Every now and then I stumble across a website that makes me think how have I missed this. This may be familiar to all of you but I've only just started reading The Quietus

I'll leave it to the founders to describe what it is all about

The Quietus - A potted history

At the start of 2008 we were of the opinion that there was a massive gap in the market for an online music publication not in thrall to snarky one-upmanship, hype, or an overload of fast-click, low-quality content. We also thought there was a gap in the market for a magazine that treated music of all genres from the last 30 years with the same reverence that titles such as MOJO and Word treat the rock & roll hall of fame.We chose a completely spurious Year Zero of 1974 because that's when Kraftwerk released ‘Autobahn’ as a single. It seemed to us the birth of modern music. Modern sounding, that is.
Since then we've aimed to bring you the best of everything. We're here to give music ranging from dubstep, death metal and post punk to hip hop, pop and spacerock the coverage it deserves. We'd like to inject some much-needed humour, intelligence and passion back into journalism, so we run in-depth features, reviews and opinion pieces from the best new writers and established greats. We also cover film, books, TV and comics, old and new, concentrating on quality over hype.
Whether we've achieved all this is not for us to say, but Record of the Day gave us the Music Publication Of The Year (Student Award) in 2008 and Music Website of the Year award in 2009. Da Capo's respected Best Music Writing guide also picked out three of our features for praise in its 2009 edition, edited by Greil Marcus. Add to this praise from publications and broadcasters including the Guardian, The Sun, Fader, Observer, Independent, BBC, New York Times and Chicago Time Out, and we're at least confident we're doing something right.
The fact that we've grown to this size in less than two years, with no post-launch investment, suggests we were right to stick to our guns. We've had a wealth of scoops on names as diverse as Slayer, Jarvis Cocker, John Lydon, Metallica, Sir Patrick Moore, Pet Shop Boys, Grandmaster Flash, Keane, Judas Priest, The Pixies, Yoko Ono, The Fall, The Bad Seeds and Marilyn Manson. This summer, we'll be moving into live events, curating stages at London's Field Day and Stag & Dagger Festivals, working with Birmingham's Supersonic Festival and Jersey's Branchage Film Festival.
Our independent approach allows us avoid the pitfalls faced by comparable print and web publications: our word-counts are generous and we're not afraid of surprising our readers. We have regular contributions from many of the best music writers working today - you may recognise their names as published authors, broadcasters on the BBC, Sky and beyond, or members of bands like The Bad Seeds and Pulp, and from newspapers, magazines and websites

It features a mix of news, features and reviews and combines the mainstream with the fringes of music. The writing is consistently strong and at times surprising and there always seems to be something of interest to catch my eye

On the current home page among others are

- a personal reflection on the Suede reissuses

- an interview with Green of Scritti Politti

- comedian Stewart Lee's top 13 lps

I may well be preaching to the converted but if not The Quietus is worth a visit


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