Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Strange Covers - Holocaust

One of the lps I played obsessively in my younger days was It'll in End in Tears the debut from This Mortal Coil, a collective of 4AD artists and other like minded musicians. The ended up making 3 lps all featuring radical cover versions and dream like instrumentals.

Their best known track is probably their version of Song to the Siren with Elizabeth Fraser on vocals and one of the sexiest and sensual records ever made.

The debut lp is probably the one lp more than any other that got me interested in stuff that had wider ambition than jangly guitars and unrequited lovelorn lyrics.

I've posted one of the stand out tracks ,a cover of an Alex Chilton song song by Howard Devoto. The piano and some gorgeous cello work compliments Devoto's fragile vocal. It says a lot about the cover that despite all this time I've never had any interest in seeking out the original and still have no idea what it sounds like . I just know it won't sound as good as this...


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