Saturday, 25 June 2011

Strange Covers - The Icicle Works part 2

With their third lp they got a bit of a better reception from the music press with the lead off single Understanding Jane getting those "didn't know they had it in them" kind of reviews. A couple of the singles flirted with the top 40 without making the break through that would have lead to top of the pops and all that stuff.

This cover is a version of the Neil Young song and was recorded for the anti heroin project fund raising lp. There is a bit of a contradiction as in his autobiography Merseybeast Mcnabb admits drugs were featuring quite prominently for him at the time but hey its a top tune
The track also features the god like genius Pete Wylie on co vocals

You can buy the 3 disc version of If You Want to Defeat Your Enemy Sing His Song here (lp titles were never their strong point!)


  1. And here it is!! If You Want to Defeat Your Enemy Sing His Song is certainly solidly in my "Top 20 albums of all time (so far)." It is an emotional and addictive record - the drugs might actually show through on this record now that you mention it.
    McNabb and Wylie together on a song that cuts so close to both of their personalities is raw and powerful.

    As an aside I have to say here that Wylie/Wah!'s cover of Johnny Thunders/Heartbreakers - You Can't Put Your Arms Around A Memory is my favorite cover song of all times.

  2. Hi

    not heard that cover before, shame they didnt stretch to a whol elp of their own songs - now that would have been something

  3. It's the B-side of Wah!'s Hope (I Wish You'd Believe Me) 12" single which followed Story of the Blues and was for me, Wylie's greatest vocal moment as well as a song that causes more emotions in me than most any other.
    I agree an entire album of McNabb/Wylie would be completely over the top, full of emotion and vitriol and possibly the most impossibly great album of all time - never made. Hmmm... Dead Men Walking isn't doing anything and McNabb hasn't released an album since 2009. I wonder how many phone calls would be involved in pulling this off...


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