Saturday, 2 July 2011

Close to Silence part 1 - Red House Painters

The start of another occasional series this time with the title quiet music and featuring well quiet music. First up is American band Red House Painters. In some ways a typical 4AD band with gorgeous lp artwork and languid almost other worldly music.

The debut lp released in 1992 consisted of a series of demos that got them signed by 4AD after it was passed to the label by American Music Club's Mark Eitzel.

The second lp was a double and released a year later and this is the one that I bought. At the time they were kind of lumped in with other shoegaze bands but I think were much closer to bands like the later day Talk Talk, in the that the whole thing was about mood more than sound.

The band released 4 more lps up until they broke up in 2001. Mark Kozelek the lead singer and main songwriter then formed Sun Kill Moon which he has described as a continuation of Red House Painters but what is slightly odder or completely inspired is his solo lp completely made up of ACDC cover versions

I've posted one track the beautifully haunting Mistress (piano version) from the second lp known as Rollercoaster after the cover art, to distinguish it form the 3rd lp as they were both officially titled simply Red House Painters.

Mistress - Red House Painters

You can buy a compilation of the 4AD years called Retrospective here

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