Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Close to Silence part 2 - Halloween Alaska

The closest I can come to describing Halloween Alaska is imagine Hats era Blue Nile but made by an American Band who sound vaguely European instead of a Scottish band who sound vaguely American.. no you are right that isn't much use to anyone.

A four piece from Minnesota have released 4 lps (plus a 5th one of remixes) starting with the self titled debut in 2004. Reading various reviews the words moody and emotive keep re appearing. The band tend to deal in sparse arrangements. They are also fond of the odd cover including Brucie and LL Cool J.

If you like the track I've posted or despairing at there never being another Blue Nile lp then they are worth a go

You're It - Halloween Alaska

You can buy their lps here

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