Sunday, 24 July 2011

Lazy Sunday - David Sylvian

Lazy Sunday and top of the shuffle pile is a cheery little ditty by David Sylvian

Let the Happiness In  - David Sylvian

..... and this is worth watching just to see that he can smile ! (although it is right at the end)


  1. Sylvian at his song writing peak! Secrets of the Beehive is possibly the most intelligent pop album I own. At times, dark, intropective, ecstatic, plaintive and joyous, the album is filled with stories and comments on life.
    Sylvian reached a level of maturity on songs like Let the Happiness In which has blossomed in the now 24 yrs since it was released!

  2. Wonderful song, a great album and even a great 12" with the exquisite, languid 'Blue Of Noon' on the b-side. This is a great, even-more-minimal version of LTHI - thanks for posting.


  3. Hi Echo

    Secrets is my favourite of pretty much everything he has recorded

    Thanks for the link Stephen and a great blog

  4. I reached for Secrets of the Beehive after reading this and was stunned by how contemporary and smart it sounds; with that lovely voice pushed up front. I love the 9 Horses 'Snow Bourne Sorrow' too.
    Anyone heard his last two solo albums? A mate of mine describes them as 'beautifully unlistenable'...

  5. @ Hissy Fit, your mate isn't far off the mark, but I dare anyone to spend some real time with them and not come away with a great appreciation what Sylvain was attempting to convey on both. Blemish is an album of pain, disappointment, anger and nagging fear. It may or it may not chronical the end of his marriage to Ingrid Chavez, but it is an intense and very personal work of musical art.
    Manafon is at times glorious, dark, very inventive as a work of improvisation. There are seeds of song form at the heart of some of the work and pure musicianship guiding other tracks. Sylvian's recent interest in being interpreted has led to the album being "remixed/reproduced" by a number of his current cohorts as Died In The Wool | Manafon Variations.

  6. Thanks for that Echorich; I'm no wiser then, but isn't that the joy of such challenging artists? Amazing that it often takes years for us to de-cifer their codes or move into a penny drop space that gives that work resonance.

  7. I've got Died in the Wool and it is basically poetry set to abstract classicla music or as your mate put it much better beautifully unlistenable


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