Thursday, 28 July 2011

Life of Live - The Blue Aeroplanes

I've written about the Blue Aeroplanes before here . The one time I saw them live was in the Princess  Charlotte pub in Leicester which was one of those pubs that doubled as a small gig venue as was the Duchess of York in Leeds. Every city used to have them , although sadly it seems one by one they are closing down. What I remember is the seemingly endless number of band members jostling for space on a cramped stage all with half an eye on avoiding the flailing elbows of Lead singer Gerard Langley and classically-trained dancer Wojtek Dmochowski, who is still the best band dancer ever (admittedly when you are up against Bez and Howard Jones's mate in mental chains this isn't that big achievement but still)

Still going strong they are about the release their 10th lp (this doesn't include the additional 11 live/compilations lps they have also put out all with an ever changing line up. To give any kind of detail to releases and line up changes you'd need 100 posts but there is a good summary on the bands website here

I've posted the almost hit and the one that seemed to send the temperature in the Charlotte up about 10 degrees 

And Stones - The Blue Aeroplanes 

Here they are live on a slightly larger stage

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