Saturday, 9 July 2011

Life of Live - The Phoenix Festival

By 1993 I was living in Leicester in a house where there were windows where walls should be and walls where windows should be , a plague of spiders,3 blokes and a weetabix eating nurse with hairy legs who I'm pretty sure was an alien.

There wasn't much to do in Leicester and one weekend I had a load of friends from poly come to stay and when the local tourist board suggested a visit to the museum of gases I knew I was on my own. Luckily that weekend it was the Phoenix festival and although there wasn't much on the main stage that I wanted to see, the smaller stage had a load of stuff I knew we all would like.

I got tickets for everyone and we headed down for the saturday pm. It was a gloriously hot day and combined with the fact that the smaller stage was in a sauna tent and I had the mother of all hangovers means it is all a bit of blur

I remember Trashcan Sinatras had managed to spray paint their name across the boundary fencing. I remember The Men they Couldn't Hang playing a riotous set and that is about it although looking at the line up on the second stage it featured some of my favourite bands of the time.

This was of course before festivals exploded and became big corporate / entertainment events (no such thing as a literary tent here)

I've posted 2 tracks the first is the story of Francis Farmer by The Men they Couldn't Hang (it is a great song with an horrendous title) and the second is a great hum along tune form The Trashcan Sinatras second lp

Lobotomy Gets Them Home - The Men They Couldn't Hang

I'm Immortal - The Trashcan Sinatras

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