Monday, 18 July 2011

Not Another Singer Songwriter - Andy White

I first saw Andy White form Belfast on the tube doing one of those slots where they had someone  playing in foyer as people queued t0 get in ( I'm pretty certain i first saw Billy Bragg for the first time do the same slot) At the time he was touted as an Irish Bob Dylan (acoustic guitar , lots of words , voice that was a bit of an acquired taste, mop of curly dark hair....okay maybe the hair was irrelevant). He played this track which I loved so I promptly went out and bought the debut lp. Even the cover looked like It had come from an old Dylan lp.

Religious Persuasion - Andy White

I didn't listen to the lp much as it was of those lps where the abrasive nature of the songs work better as individual tracks rather than an whole lp. However by the second lp Andy White had already broadened  and to some extent softened his sound and made this gorgeous bit of political commentary

Down to the Sea - Andy White

Other lps came and went and I missed them all, until on the back of an lp he recorded with the lead singer from Hothouse Flowers and Tim Finn (ALT) I bought a compilation released in 1999

I loved the songs , especially the following (being a sucker for anything with home in the title)

Get Back Home - Andy White

Having been introduced to Australia by Tim Finn, Andy White moved there and later lps with an ever maturing sound feature a number of guest musicians and co writers. The last track comes from the 2003 lp Boy 40 which is on balance I think my favourite

Tell Me Why - Andy White

He has since released 2 more lps Garageband and 2009's Songwriter which has some of his best songs on.

You can buy all his lps direct from his excellent website here as well as hear a couple of samples from each lp. If you are going to start anywhere then I'd go for Compilation and if you are feeling flush then Boy 40 and Songwriter

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