Monday, 4 July 2011

Not Another Singer Songwriter - Eg White

Bit of a change for this week's not another singer songwriter in that Eg White is now best known for the songs he has helped to write rather than the ones he has sung.

Originally part of Brother Beyond, Eg White left when he the band became part of the unholy trinity of Stock Aitkin and Waterman. He formed a duo with ex model Alice Temple and produced one of the great lost lps under the name Eg and Alice.

He then became a bit of a songwriter for hire , hitting the big time when Will Young recorded Leave Right Now which won Eg an Ivor Novello award.

He has also written for Duffy and Adele and you can read a great interview originally published in the Telegraph about writing songs for others here which covers both his songwriting and more interesting his views on the "songwriter for hire" thing

However the reason for the post is the 2 solo lps he has produced. The first of these released in 1996 Turn Me on I'm a Rocket Man continued where the Eg and Alice lp left off with smooth radio friendly songs saved from dinner party hell by great sense of quirkiness both in the lyrics and in small shifts in structure.

13 years later a second lp arrived and by this time he was one of the in demand songwriters and as a result it feels a lot more relaxed than the first lp. The lp features a number of co -writes eg with Neil Hannon of the Divine Comedy, Ricky Ross and a reunion with Alice Temple.

The track I've posted was written with Louis Elliott of could have been contenders Rialto. It is a great example of a how a sing along pop song hides a slightly left of centre lyric

Weird Friendless Kid - Eg White

You can buy Adventure Man here

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