Thursday, 18 August 2011

Life of Live - King L

They may possess the worst band name in history but Gary Clarks next band after Danny Wilson were great live. I was on a course in London with Work when Susan one of the other people on the course mentioned that they were going to see the band play that night with their brother who was at school with Gary Clark.

This sounded so much better than a night in a faceless hotel so I went along ( although a little doubtful about the "at school with" bit)

They were supported by the other 2 Danny's who did a short set playing acoustic guitars. The songs were great and I thought maybe with the demise of Danny Wilson we'd end up with 2 bands for the price of one. I was a bit disappointed when Kit Clark and Ged Grimes dumped this sound  for Swiss Family Orbison (maybe the 2nd worse band name ever) whose lp were sweet tunes drowned in distorted guitar

King L came on and in the small venue were unbelievably load , it was guitar tastic. The school story was obviously true as mid song Gary spotted Susan's brother (I think his name was Andy), looked visibly shocked stopped the song mid line and shouted out "Andy!"(in a way that you would if you were seeing someone you'd known at school), and had to start the whole thing again.

It's a shame that they only lasted 1 lp.

Tragedy Girl - King L

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