Monday, 22 August 2011

Not Another Singer Songwriter - Kathryn Williams

I've only got one lp by Kathryn Williams although re listening to it now has prompted a quick visit over to Spotify to listen to some more stuff. The lp I have, Old Low Light, is the follow up to the Mercury nominated lp (Little Black Numbers).

She is another of those artists that have been given a folk label in the past although like King Creosote who I've featured before isn't really limited to one genre but seems to get great pleasure in mixing and matching as well as changing direction. Her covers lp for example had versions of songs by the Bee Gees, Pavement and Nirvana and she describes one of her later lps as "a cheaper version of Bacharach". She has even found time to form the Crayonettes and record an lp of children's songs as she was sick of the awful ones she had to listen to with her own child

 Now back recording on her own label (again like King Creosote she had a short stay on a major label ending in an amicable split and no regrets), the last lp came out in 2010

I've posted a track from Old Low Light that shows her skill at getting a summery song to stick in your head, with the kind of backing that isn't pop isn't folk isn't jazz that Martin Stephenson does so well

 Beatles - Kathryn Williams

You can buy her lps here. There is also a great short biog written by Garry Mulholland on here website here


  1. Great track. I am very fond of her cover of Big Star's "Thirteen". Vastly underrated is our Kathryn.

  2. Hi Scott

    I know what you mean about being under rated - but having had her brush with major labels I wonder if she quite likes th elower profile


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