Monday, 15 August 2011

Not Another Singer Songwriter - Tom McRae

Tom McRae seemed to burst on the scene in 2001 with rave reviews a Brit win , a Q award and a Mercury nomination as well as being chosen by Scott Walker to appear at his meltdown. Simple stripped down confessional songs were beginning to be back in vogue and  McRae's debut lp fitted the bill perfectly. I saw him support World Party  when he appeared with a guitar and backed by a cellist and gradually the usual chatter when a support act is on died  as the audience got hooked in. I bought the lp and being a sucker for sad songs loved it.

2nd Law - Tom Mcrae

The second lp Just Like Blood didn't mess with the formula too much although this time it was produced by Ben Hillier just after working with Elbow and Blur. The sound is fuller but the intense personal songs remain

Human Remains - Tom Mcrae

The third lp All Maps Welcome had a few more tracks with a more anthemic sound but for me the songs weren't quite as consistently strong.

The Girl Who Falls Down Stairs - Tom Mcrae

Since then there has been 2 more lps and the recent announcements of live dates suggest there may be another due soon.

You can buy Toms lps here

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