Monday, 8 August 2011

Not Another Singer Songwriter - Tom Baxter

A few months a go I went to my first concert at Bush Hall in Shepherd's Bush to see Red Box. It is a great little venue , complete with carpet, small low stage with a curtain back drop, chandeliers hanging form the roof and a bar you can get served at without having to sharpen your elbows.

This weeks Not Another Singer Songwriter spent years on the live circuit before a successful residency at Bush Hall got him signed to Columbia records and release a debut lp and the relatively late age for pop stardom , 31.

I think Columbia , saw him as a English Jeff Buckley or something due to the slightly falsetto vocals. The debut lp Feather and Stone married catchy tunes with a rich orchestral backing. What i really like about the lp is that Baxter is prepared to take risks with his arrangements and pull on a variety of styles.

I've posted 2 of the more straight forward pop songs, although they don't really show the range of the lp they do show his ear for a great melody

This Boy - Tom Baxter

All Come True - Tom Baxter

The lp despite getting a lot of radio air play obviously didn't do enough for Columbia and he was promptly dropped.

Having waited so long, Tom Baxter wasn't about to give up easily and wend away to make the second lp under his own steam as well as finding time to produce paintings for the lp art and each of the individual tracks.

Although at times some of Skybound can sail a bit close to James Blunt territory, if anything the experimentation with different styles is greater than on Feather and Stone

I've posted a Judie Tzukie cover that appears on the lp (I only realised its a cover when windows media player listed her as songwriter - so I've no idea how it compares to the original)

Icarus Wings - Tom Baxter

You can buy both lps here. Both a great lps but at a push I'd go for ther first one Feather and Stone. Apparently a third lp Golden is on the way


  1. I've seen Tom live several times and he is awesome. The two albums have a pop sheen to them that might suggest he is studio-made; but if anything he's even better in the flesh. He always has a grand band who seem to be mates as much as anything (his sister often sings with him) and there's always been a string section to add a lovely ambience to the drama. Charlie Winston has since gone on to be a bit of a star in his own right (esp' in France); when I first saw Tom, Charlie was the bass player, next time he was the drummer. The first time I saw him was in a small chapel (The Amadeus) in Maida Vale, all candles and insence, we virtually sat on him; but from that vantage point it was great to gauge the real power and dynamism of his voice.
    I can't think of a commercial album with a better two first tracks than his debut; if you don't rate him after that brace (My Declaration/This Boy) you might as well stop listening...

  2. Hi Trev

    I like both lps but the debut edges it for me. Ill look out for when he is playing live a you've sold it to me!


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