Saturday, 27 August 2011

The under appreciated trio part 3

Despite coming out to mixed reviews and songs "a little slower than was intended" according to Mike Mills as well as in places veering close to Coldplay territory, Around the Sun is up their with their best. It is full of melody and in Leaving New york one of their most emotive choruses.

I know a lot of fans of the band who think this lp is a bit ... well dull. I've never really got their more rockest tendencies and  prefer their more melancholy moments. which this lp is full of. it does sound like a band approaching middle age and there is a sense of regret that the songs are laced with. The songs are a tad one paced but that helps with the overall mood. even the appearance of Q Tip which could feel like band wagon jumping fits perfectly

The bands did seem to kick against the lp a bit and the next lp came with the now usual claims of a return to both form and their rock roots., which I think slights Around the Sun which I think was made by a band in their mid 40s and fits just right with me in my mid 40s.

Leaving New York - REM

The Outsiders - REM

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