Thursday, 1 September 2011

Life of Live - Boo Hewerdine

It is about this time in Life of Live that I started to see Boo Hewerdine (formally of the Bible) play live on a pretty regular basis. A few times really stick out (the one in a village hall springs to mind) but looking back it is hard to differentiate one concert from the next. That is not a bad thing as they were consistently fantastic , it is just a struggle to remember what happened when and where! Some were with a band some on his own and some as a duo with Neil MacColl (which were always my favourite ones).

There were always great stories to go with the songs, a mixture of old and new, fast and slow. To get round my rubbish memory I'm going to try and link the concerts to Boo's various lp releases. Having already covered the first lp a couple of days ago, I'll move onto the second one Baptist Hospital and still one of his best.

He doest half write a good sad song and Last Cigarette fits the maudlin bill perfectly. I do remember at this concert a recurring theme of the stories were how fame would tempt him with an outstretched hand only to pull it away and blow a raspberry.

The story relating to this song was that Kd Lang had recorded it for an lp of songs with smoking as a theme (does beg the question why would anyone want to do that but hey). Boo and Neil were asked to back her on the song for a big live performance of the lp in front of various important industry people . Apparently they were all set to go when Kd Lang came on promptly tripped fell off the stage and left in a huff with the concert pulled and Boo and Neil having to shuffle off. A funny story with a sad song which sums up a Boo Hewerdine concert nicely

Last Cigarette -  Boo Hewerdine

AS ever you can buy the lp from his website here

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