Friday, 30 September 2011

Life of Live - The Diggers

What a thankless task it must be to play live at a beer festival. You have to put up with the fact that everyone is pissed and more interested in singing their own drinking songs , drinking even more than they can physically hold or desperately trying to cop off than listening to a band play, especially one who have only released one lp which no one in the audience has probably heard.

I went along because to I think it was the Clapham beer festival and sat in a tent because I had got the Scottish bands lp which was chock full of sing along pop tunes with a beatley feel that was the corner stone of a lot of Britpop bands.

Before i get too snobbishly superior I should point out that I can remember virtually nothing of their set as I singing made up songs , drinking more than I could physically take and no doubt singularly failing to cop off. This was a shame as the band split up shortly afterwards I hope not related to playing at a beer festival

Nobody's Fool - The Diggers

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