Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Life of Live - Martin Stephenson

There was a time when I would tell anyone who would listen that Martin Stephenson was the best live act going, just as good with the Daintees or on his own. There is many a reluctant friend I've dragged along and I've yet to have any ask for their money back.

I used to to see him play once a year at least and then all of a sudden I stopped going. The records started to get a bit too rootsy for me and as concert going got less , it was easy to think well there are other people I want to see now.

Some of that time was down to the last time I saw him . He put on a great show as usual although looking back some of that was due to the fact that I along with the rest of the audience would have forgiven him anything. When he came on he was a bit worse for wear, the songs were a bit shambolic with lots of stop starts and forgotten lyrics. The in between banter rambled along but just as I'd begin to think what is going on and me and my wife began to look nervously at each other he pulled it out of the bag and rediscovered his touch. It was a close thing though and it was close enough to make me hesitate the next time live dates were announced. A hesitation that has lased ever since , definitely my loss.

The evening wasn't helped by the fact that I'd taken a friend who got hammered and spent the whole car journey home moaning that he had ended on a slow song (there is nothing worse being sober with someone who is drunk , except if you are in the car driving!)

Martin has since started touring again with the Daintees and a released a great lp with them in Western Eagle. They are touring again this Autumn and I'm going to put an end to the hesitation

Here is a track from for me the best of his solo lps

Hollow Days - Martin Stephenson

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