Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Live of Live - Everything But The Girl

A lot had happened to Everythig But the Girl since the last time I'd seen them live. Ben Watt had suffered a prolonged life threatening illness and helped by a remix of Missing they had had a big hit and discovered dance music.

The new direction produced the excellent Walking Wounded and the disappointing Tempermental. Since then Benn Watt has concentrated on djing and Tracy Thorn has recently released 2 fantastic solo lps.

I saw them tour Walking Wounded and wasnt sure what to expect. They did try and give some of the older songs the dancey treatment and by and large it worked pretty well, although the songs they played with their more traditional sound still worked the best and got the biggest cheers.

I've posted the title track from the new lp which for me is still the best of their dancey songs

Walking Wounded - Everything but the Girl


  1. I'm a real fan of Tempermental. It feels a bit more cohesive than than Walking Wounded album only because on WW, Ben was sticking his fingers in deep house, drum & bass and melding their jazzy/folky work with a dance beat. Tempermental has a really forward feel to it and they sound very confident. Hatfield 1980 is an all time fave EBTG song now and Lullaby of Clubland is the album stand out for me.
    When it comes right down to it, EBTG is one of the few bands I have followed where I have enjoyed every twist and turn in their career.

  2. hi echo

    we agree on a lot of things but not this one - i just didnt get tempermental and ended up giving it away! - just thought they forgot the tunes
    maybe i should give it another go


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