Thursday, 15 September 2011

My Indie Past - The June Brides

Of all the C86 bands (in the sound sense as The June Brides were invited to feature but apparently declined) Phill Wilson's June Brides were the ones whose style echoed the postcard sound most closely (an English Josef K?)

Their one lp There are Eight Million Stories was a mainstay of the indie charts (hanging around for 38 weeks) but the usual disillusionment with record companies meant that then never managed to take that next step and broke up in 1986 just as their sound was about to launch 100s of indie bands with jangly guitars and the add bit of brass.

One of my school friends was in a band Johnny Says Yeah whose finest moment apart from a Janice Long Session was supporting the June Brides in Peterborough, and for that reason alone the band could do no wrong and the lp was played to death on our 6th form common room record player  (except  by those who were still into Pink Floyd, but they kind of kept themselves to themselves)

Phill Wilson went on to have a solo career on creation and became a kind of godfather of indie as recognition of the June Brides' influence grew

For more info you can read a short interview with band member Simon Beesley here

I've posted probably their best known tracks which has memories of the indie discos flooding back

From Sunday to Saturday - June Brides

Every Conversation - June Brides

You can get a great compilation here that pulls together the best of the June Brides and Phill Wilson's solo work

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