Monday, 5 September 2011

Not Another Singer Songwriter - Brendan O Shea

This week's singer songwriter is another Irish native that has relocated to the US of A and is now ,according to his website, a resident of the New York Singer Songwriter scene (living in sunny Teddington I've no idea if there what such a scene is like but is does sound kind of romantic and hip). He has released 3 lps of acoustic driven songs

The track I've posted is from his debut lp from 2003 , Into the Light. The music fits along side other such songwriters I've featured that have taken a similar journey eg Mark Geary and Luka Bloom. There isn't anything radical, but with such a warm voice and a sense of melody, who cares

Hollow Moon - Brendan O shea

You can buy all 3 cds direct from his website here

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