Monday, 19 September 2011

Not Another Singer Songwriter part 20 of 26 - Aqualung

Aqualung is the recording name for singer songwriter Matt Hales, although his brother Ben also plays a big part as his main collaborator. After being in various bands it looked like his chance had past when debut single release as Aqualung was used in a VW advert. This help to propel Strange and Beautiful to top 10 in the Uk charts.

The mournful voice (always reminds me a bit of Thom Yorke) and subtle backing being ideal for featuring in American TV series and tracks have features in all the usual suspects.

Equally at ease with electronic or acoustic backing, his songs can pack an emotional punch.

He has released 5 lps but the track I'm going to post is form the second lp Still Life. The track has a gorgeously understated guitar and piano lines and one of his best lyrics.

Another  Little Hole - Aqualung

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