Monday, 12 September 2011

Not Another Singer Songwriter - Teitur

Not another singer songwriter this week features Teitur (old Norse for happy apparently) Lassen. Originally from the Faroe Isles, the fact he won a recording contract and publishing deal with universal strangely won him business man of the year in 2004!

Relocating to Denmark he has released 5 lps of hushed vocals and quiet romanticism. Equally at home with acoustic strums as with rich orchestral backing, his songs spend a lot of time in a minor key.

I got to know his music through a compilation he put out All My Mistakes which pulls together a selection of songs from his previous 4 English Language lps (he as recorded one in his native tongue)

I Don't Want You to Wake Up - Teitur

If you liked this then I'd heartily recommend All My Mistakes which feels like it could be the soundtrack to a Wes Anderson film

You can buy All My Mistakes here


  1. Poetry and Aeroplanes is my favourite of his; followed closely by Stay Under the Stars. I found The Singer a bit weak though.
    With the early albums you found yourself wondering why those gems were not all over the airwaves (see also Piers Faccini and David Meade).
    Maybe they were too sweet....

  2. Add Duke Special to that list...

  3. I'll try and track down Poetry and Aeroplanes

    The first Duke Special lp should have sold millions!


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