Thursday, 8 September 2011

Pop Opera part 2/3 - Passengers

Released at a time of their most creative and before they lost the plot a bit again with Pop. Miss Sarajeva comes from the lp of soundtracks to imaginary films that U2 and Brian Eno made together under the name Passengers. This track was a little different in that the film did exist, a documentary about a beauty competition in Sarajeva, painting the impact of war on something as far removed as a beauty parade.

Bono has described it as his favourite U2 song. The backing is an great bit of eno mood music with Bono's hypnotic and understated vocal a perfect fit. Pavarotti sings the opera piece providing the emotional contrast to an almost dead pan Bono.

The Italian libretto roughly translates as

You say that like a river finds its way to the sea/ You will find your way back to me/ You say that will find a way/ But love I'm not a praying man/ And in love I can't wait anymore."

The track debuted live at a Pavarotti and friends concert

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