Saturday, 10 September 2011

Pop Opera part 3/3 - Eskimo

I've posted a track by this artist before and had a take down notice so this one will have to be a bit cryptic. What made his debut lp stand out from the sea of other singer songwriters was the ability to take songs into unexpected places.

So what starts as a bit of melancholy starts to build with a more classical backing until at 3 1/2 mins a powerful operatic vocal  kicks in and takes the song soaring to a different level


So that ends the mini theme of opera mixing with pop (and not in a Tommy type way) - I'm sure I've missed loads and any suggestions welcome but these were 3 of my favs


  1. Loved his first album.
    It all got a bit 'woe is me' with the 2nd ("Do you still smell me?")
    Where did he go?
    In his absence I've been listening to his old band Bell X1 who are (in comparison) a sprightly bunch with an obvious love of Talking Heads.
    Check out 'Eve the Apple of my Eye' or the hilarious (I kid you not) 'One String Harp'

  2. Hi Trev

    I love bellx1 especially the lp with one stringed harp on (you are dead right about the talking heads fixation) - there is a song about the singers mother - light touches your face or something that never fails to bring a tear. The new one isnt quite as good

  3. THanks for that; I was about to shell out.
    Just ordered Amos Lee's latest; he in tandem with Calexico and the guy that is Iron & Wine. Snippets suggest an edge added to his James Tayloresque comfort.


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