Monday, 26 September 2011

The Return of Miracle Mile Monday

When I first started this blog I did a series called Miracle Mile Monday as the posts were all about one band and the series happened every monday (that is about as imaginative as I get)

I just couldn't understand how Trevor Jones and Marcus Cliffe's band didnt get the sales aand profile that their talent deserved. So in my niavety I thought if I featured a track a week then people would give them a go and discover a whole load of hidden gems... a kind of if you play it they will come idea, especially as they had mastered the rare trick of making each lp slightly better than the last.

I guess I was probably preaching to the converted but hopefully they picked up a couple more fans on the way.

Anyway after a 2 solo lp sabbatical, a new Miracle Mile lp is in the works, intrigingly the songs are inspired by a piece of fiction that Trevor has written

As part of the process Trevor has started a blog which can be found here where he is tempting us with the following

I'm hoping to add some early mixes, lost songs, video (we are currently having a short film made inspired by a new song 'Big Circus'.

There is a back story to the ideas behind 'In Cassidy's Care' that I can share, even a story that I've written (a chapter at a time) that inspired the album's songs...

It is early days but if you like good old fashioned quality songwriting , lyrics that are like the best short stories, good recommendations of stuff to read and listen to as well a fair few random thoughts then pay him a visit

If you wander what all the fuss is about then you can hear a selection of Miracle Mile songs at the band's website here


  1. I'm looking forward to this series again,even though I own all the albums it's great to hear your thoughts on their music.
    Tel Aviv
    Currently listening to the new Butcher Boy album 'Helping Hands',that has leapfrogged The Leisure Society to my no.1 album of the far

  2. apols phil just a one off as i wanted to point people to trevs blog - abck to singer songwriters next week and then onto amybe misery mondays ie sad songs

    butcher boy tusslign it out with admiral fallow for lp of the year for me


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