Saturday, 8 October 2011

close to silence follow up

I recently wrote about Talk Talk s later lps and Mark Hollis's solo lp in a post here

For a much more intelligent and fascinating insight into the last lp Laughing Stock visit The Quietus here. You can also listen to tracks from the lp as you read about its conception. It is a great bit of writing.


  1. I have Laughing Stock on the CD player at work; a real balm but somehow a sharpener also.I agree with Hollis that it's an album to listen to in one sitting; maybe with ipods and 'the cloud' this makes it obsolete; shame as it is a beauty. Love the quote also from Hollis that
    “silence is above everything, and I would rather hear one note than I would two, and I would rather hear silence than I would one note” which is interesting logic from someone who is meant to make a noise to survive... David Sylvian's 'Died in the Wool' (thanks for the recko') is a reminder of its influence; although to be fair he was always cast from similar stuff.I read summer that when asked about its failure producer Friese-Greene said that it was "just too beautiful" which I reckon is spot on.
    I'm off to listen to 'After the Flood'...

  2. I'm always reading on the net how Laughing Stock and, more so, Spirit of Eden were great pieces of work and nobody ,it appears, were at all disapointed with the direction the band followed after the fantastic Colour Of Spring,an album that has been in my all time top 20 since it's release 25 years ago.Surely somebody must feel like me! I remember rushing out to buy Spirit of Eden on it's release,putting it on the deck ...and thinking 'What the f...'
    After saying that ,I admire Mark Hollis for not taking the route to fame and fortune but instead he followed his artistic needs, but I'd still like to have heard Colour of Spring MK2!
    Tel Aviv

  3. Hi Phil

    interesting point - I do think just how good Colour of Spting is is overlooked with the last 2 lps. i certainly play it alot more than the other 2 however, a bit like David Sylvians "harder" stuff I am glad it is there as a light and shade to the more accessible i guess I'm sitting on the fence !!


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